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Other Factors to Consider in Total Compensation

May 23, 2022 in Career and Job Search Tips, Food & Beverage Industry Information, HR Best Practices


Highlighting a section of Kinsa Group’s 2022 Food & Beverage Salary Guide – it is important to remember that base salary is only one factor in a total compensation offer. Other factors include job satisfaction, location, work-life balance, boss/peers, and work environment. Kinsa’s recruiters suggest employers and job seekers alike consider the items below as […]


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How Much Am I Worth? Five Steps to Calculate Your Salary

August 26, 2019 in Career and Job Search Tips


If you’re applying to new jobs in the food and beverage sector, you’re likely focused on advancing your career and increasing your earning potential. As if the job search isn’t stressful enough, calculating your intended future salary can add an entirely new layer of confusion and angst. In addition to understanding the type of data companies use to determine salaries, it’s best to […]


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