They Know What You Did Last Summer: Tips for Managing Your Online Reputation

Fact: potential employers are checking you out online. Recent research shows that: Hiring authorities review potential candidates’ social media profiles very early in the hiring process. Nearly half (47 percent) of recruiters use social media to screen applicants before they ever even talk to them. Forty-five percent of employers go beyond social media profiles and… Read more »

Negotiation Strategies: 6 tactics to get the offer you deserve

Do you absolutely relish negotiation situations? Honestly, most of us don’t – because they are, in a word, UNCOMFORTABLE. But whether you’re introverted, insecure or just plain confrontation-averse, effective negotiation skills are still critical to your career success. So if you’re not the “tough negotiator” you’d like to be, use these tactics from Kinsa to… Read more »

The Best Interview Advice You Ever Received: 4 Must-Read Ideas

Conduct a quick Google search for “interview advice” and you’ll get hundreds of millions of hits (we know – we’ve done it!). What food & beverage executive has time for that?!? Don’t worry; you won’t need to clear your schedule to find the sound advice you need. We’ve done the leg work for you. Today,… Read more »

Make Yourself a Stronger Food & Beverage Candidate by Sharing Others’ Content

Looking for fresh ways to stand out from job competitors and get noticed by recruiters? Maintaining a professional blog or social media account is a perfect place to start. Well written content is ideal for: showcasing your business acumen; sharing your unique thoughts; and demonstrating that you stay current on trends affecting your industry. But… Read more »

Turn the Tables: 5 Questions to Ask Your Executive Food & Beverage Recruiter

Over the last few years, we’ve provided a lot of great advice for food & beverage executives on how to answer interview questions, including: how to handle a panel interview; how to answer unusual interview questions; how to field tough phone interview questions. But today we’re turning the tables. When a recruiter contacts you with… Read more »

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Pros and Cons of Including a LinkedIn Photo

As most of us scroll through LinkedIn’s list of “People You May Know,” we automatically categorize profile pictures into one of three categories: The Good: people with professional photos that make them appear confident and competent. The Bad: people whose photos are blurry, poorly lit or awkward. The Ugly: people whose photos are so inappropriate… Read more »

From Food Scientist to R&D Manager: Deserve a Promotion? Say the Right Things to Your Boss

Have you been called an overachiever? Are you bored with your current responsibilities and ready for fresh challenges? Do you think you’re the perfect choice for a promotion that’s available in your company? Then it’s time for a conversation with your boss. Most good leaders want their employees to succeed and grow, but they may… Read more »

Where’s All that “Greener Grass?” What to Do When Your Food & Beverage Job Isn’t What You Expected

It’s your worst nightmare – and it’s come true. You’ve recently accepted (what seemed to be) an amazing position. But after several weeks on the job, you start noticing problems. Big problems: You were told that the position would be challenging, but you don’t have the responsibilities you expected. Your boss promised lots of one-on-one… Read more »

The Literal Career Move: How to Land that Out-of-Town Executive Food & Beverage Position (Part 2)

Finding a new executive food & beverage job in another city should be a cinch for you. After all: You’re gainfully employed at the top of your field. You have a track record of success in positions of increasing responsibility. Your references are impeccable. Employment prospects in your desired city are bright. So why haven’t… Read more »

Climbing the Food and Beverage Industry Ladder Starts with Being more Charismatic

Ever notice how successful food & beverage professionals often have that certain extra “something” – a quality that makes them more confident and influential? Whether you call it “charisma,” “je ne sais quoi,” or “magnetism,” this quality directly affects how likable a professional is. While it’s true that you don’t have to be liked to… Read more »