Candidate Testimonial #14

June 20, 2022 in



Working with Kinsa’s Recruiter was a dream from start to finish on my job search. Her communication was unparalleled, and I appreciated the effort to update me both over both phone calls and over email, which enabled me to stay up to date on the interview and application processes at times when I couldn’t step away to take a call. She was able to secure the salary and vacation package I was looking for, and when the offer came through she took the time to talk with me on a Saturday to make sure I put my best foot forward to my new job’s HR team. I cannot recommend Kinsa highly enough, and I would reach out to them if an opportunity for a job change came up again in my future- but it might not for quite some time as they placed me at a great company! Kinsa has been the best recruiter I have worked with and I am so grateful for their efforts.


Sr. Food Scientist for Food Ingredients