We do not often use executive recruiters but over the past two years, working with Kinsa Group has made the process efficient and faster than if we had not engaged your services.

The recruiting experience working with Kinsa was exceptional. You provided a good recap of the applicant’s background and motivations for the opportunity, which saved us time when we conducted our phone screens and onsite interviews. You have a good sense of when to check in on our progress by not being pushy or ‘salesy’ in order to close the deal. You are pros in what you do. We were able to make a successful hire within a few weeks, which is fast considering it was a high-level key executive position. In the end we have a person on board who is excited to be here, has already begun to implement processes which we were lacking and is working with me to add a support person to his team.

Thank you!


Human Resources Manager – Frozen/Refrigerated Foods – CA

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