Whether You’re a Plant Engineer, National Account Director or Food Scientist, Creating a “Personal Brand” Can Help You Land the Job You Want

January 7, 2013 in Career and Job Search Tips



What’s the best way to ensure a “Happy New Year” for your career?

Resolve to create your own personal brand.  In today’s digital kingdom, a compelling personal brand can help you:

  • differentiate yourself from other potential candidates;
  • increase your visibility and credibility in the food & beverage job market;
  • occupy a unique and competitive position in a potential employer’s mind;
  • ultimately land the job you want.

What is a Personal Branding Statement?

Much like corporate and product branding, a personal branding statement sums up your unique selling proposition (USP) – the unique benefit or value you offer a potential employer.  Your branding statement sets you apart from your competitors and provides a compelling reason to hire you.  As a general rule, this concise statement should communicate:

  • your specialty (who you are);
  • your service (what you do and how you do it better or differently);
  • your audience (whom you do it for);
  • your leading attribute (the single most important skill you possess).

How to Discover Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is the process by which you market yourself to others.  But before you can “sell” yourself to someone else, you must thoroughly understand exactly what you have to offer.  Start the branding process with some introspection and audience analysis.  Ask yourself:

  • How would others describe you professionally?
  • What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
  • How would you describe your ideal executive food & beverage position?
  • What can you offer an employer that others can’t?
  • When it comes to your career, what motivates you and makes you passionate?
  • What positions, potential employers and recruiters are you targeting (i.e., who is your audience)?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can begin to craft your personal branding statement.

How Should You Word It?

Figuring out exactly what to say is probably the most challenging, and yet most important, thing you’ll do in your personal branding efforts.  Fortunately, you can refine your statement as you refine your branding approach.  When designing an initial statement, make sure it’s:

  • accurate (based on your real identity – who you are and what you do – and not just an external “image” you want to project);
  • short (maximum 30 words);
  • unique (explains how you’re different from your competitors);
  • benefits-oriented (explains the WIIFM for an employer);

Once you’ve created your branding statement, you need to put it to work for you.  Watch our blog for future posts that explain how to leverage your personal brand with social media, video and more.

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