Why Did I Get This Email From Kinsa?

Nearly every time Kinsa gets a new job opening to recruit for with one of our food and beverage industry clients, we send an email to carefully selected contacts with a profile in our internal network. While these messages are mostly well-received – many food and beverage industry executives and professionals have followed us for… Read more »

Your First 90 Days in a New Job: 6 Tips For A Successful Start

The first 90 days in a new job are critical in the food and beverage industry. How can you build a foundation that will help ensure long-term success?   Here are 6 tips from Kinsa Group’s team of Executive Recruiters: Observe, diligently. Sometimes people feel a need to make a big splash when starting a… Read more »

4 Interview Travel Tips For Your Next Job Interview

view of clouds from airplane window

You’ve worked hard to make it to the face-to-face interview stage. Kinsa Group’s recruiters have shared a lot of tips on how to prepare for the actual interview, let us help you with these Interview Travel Tips. Interview Travel Tip 1: Know Where You Are Going You may have heard this quote before, but when… Read more »

Marketing Yourself To Employers – A Roadmap

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Jobs boards, social media and networking are three tools job searchers may use to land a new job. Today, we’re providing a roadmap for a fourth way. Marketing Yourself to Employers To help you in marketing yourself to employers we will cover: How to identify the correct person to target Approaching your target Follow up… Read more »

Negotiating Remote Work In A New Job Search

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If you are in a job search and prefer to work from home, how can you incorporate that into your search? Kinsa Group offers these four tips for negotiating remote work: Understand your real motives for wanting to work from home. Is it about child care? Ask whether the company offers any assistance. Do you… Read more »

How To Optimize Your Food Science Resume

Searching for professional jobs in Food Science, Product Development, R&D, or Food Technology? Take five minutes to read this post – it’s just for you. Kinsa Group food & beverage industry experts Laurie Hyllberg and Robert Navarro explain how to optimize your Food Science resume so it showcases your talent. To stand out from other… Read more »

Company Culture: Choosing The Right Employer

Surveys asking job seekers what they value in potential employers often rank “culture” as their #1 priority. But culture is an abstract concept. How can you better define what you are looking for in a company culture? Here are half a dozen ideas. Traditionally, corporations adopted a “command and control” model, borrowed from the military…. Read more »

Conducting a SMART Job Search

Working hard on your job search does not guarantee success. Use our tips below to help create a written plan that includes extremely clear job search objectives. Prefer to watch rather than read? Access the on-demand webinar replay. Smart Method of Job Searching You may have heard the term SMART when it comes to goal… Read more »

Asking Questions in Job Interviews

You’ve probably heard the advice that you should ask good questions in job interviews. But what makes for a good question? Ask questions that show you’ve done your homework. Go beyond just checking out the employer’s website; for example, Google may lead you to any media coverage the company has received. Ask questions that demonstrate… Read more »