Candidate Testimonials

July 29, 2013 in Candidate Testimonials



Kinsa Group regularly receives testimonials and letters of thanks from job candidates. Following are a sampling of recent testimonials we have received.

“After being contacted by a variety of less-than-useful Food & Beverage recruiting firms, I was wary of the service to be expected from Kinsa group when they called about an open position.  Further, I’d been happy at my position and was not particularly looking for a new job.  That being said, Rob Navarro and Nancy Fergason knocked my socks off with not only the opportunity that they presented, but the level of commitment and service that they offered in going through the interview and eventual offer process.  To my surprise, Rob not only was interested in telling me about the position for which he thought my resume to be a match, but also in finding out what it was that I was interested in when evaluating new career opportunities.  He spoke at length with me about both my short- and long-term plans, and with this knowledge decided to move forward with one of the opportunities he had available.

Throughout the process, Rob and Nancy were accessible for any questions or concerns I had, pretty much anytime I wanted to chat.  They were very dilligent in keeping me updated on the status of the process, and were helpful in talking through my decision making process when it came down to an offer.  The day that I actually accepted the offer, Nancy called me from home, on her day off which she spends with her grandkids, to congratulate me on the offer and accepting the position.  You cannot ask for a better or more involved recruiter.

Now, not only am I loving the new company and working in a position that is absolutely a step in the right direction for my career, but I am also earning a salary greater than anticipated because of Nancy and Rob’s help.  In my experience, recruiters have been interested only in placing me in an open position; consideration as to my objectives are rarely taken into account, and when I no longer am a candidate that fit their needs, they refuse to return any phone calls or emails.  Not Rob and Nancy, and not Kinsa.  I couldn’t be happier with their help, with my position, and with the direction my career has taken – thank you!”

– Chelsea Romans

“Courteous, professional service.  I would utilize Kinsa again, but the position [Kinsa placed me in] is the best opportunity I have ever been given.”

– Business Development Manager – Chicago, IL

 “Karen Engelmann was very supportive, professional, courteous and her follow-up skills were fantastic.  I am also very grateful to Laurie Hyllberg for contacting me via Linkedin.  If it wasn’t for Laurie, I would not have been able to find this job.  I really appreciate it.  I am very satisfied with the service and for all the support I received.  Karen was great in helping me to prepare for my interviews.”

– Purchasing Manager – Chicago, IL

 “ personally was very happy with my Kinsa experience and felt my recruiter did an excellent job, She was a fighter for me.  She was so very supportive during what was a very difficult time for me.  Ultimately I was hired!  I felt the entire Kinsa staff was very attentive and supportive.”

– Regional Sales Manager – Minneapolis, MN 

 “Karen Engleman presented me for the Sr. Product Manager opportunity.  She was very thorough and diligent in preparing me.  I did not get the job but I thank Karen for her efforts on my behalf.  I will use Kinsa’s service in the future because they are professional and engaged with candidates.  They really work hard on the candidate’s behalf.”

– Marketing Manager – Dallas, TX

 “I would like to take a moment to thank Mary Chambers and Kinsa Group for making this step in my career happen.  Mary has been great!  She kept the communication door open 24/7.  It didn’t matter what time it was Mary answered the phone the same way, professional and confident that we were going to nail this position.  I have been in the workforce for over twenty-five years, where has she been!!!”

– Sanitation Supervisor – Chicago, IL

 “Thanks for everything that you did to help me get this job offer.  While I know that you were looking on behalf of [the employer], I knew that you always kept my interest in mind as well and helped me when things were not looking so good. I deeply appreciate your willingness to let me ramble and review the project sheet that I put together for the interview.  I will definitely recommend you highly to everyone who asks to find a recruiter.

– New Product Development Manager – Chicago, IL

 “Kinsa understands how to apply my experience to opportunities.  Their recruiters are responsive.  I hope to learn of more opportunities in the future.”

– Manager of Human Resources – Columbus, OH

“I recently had a job search experience with Mr. Russell Lilly and I really appreciated his efforts and consideration. He is a perfect recruiter.”

– Lab Supervisor – NJ

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