Kinsa Group Quickly Located A Position That Fit My Needs

July 3, 2014 in Candidate Testimonials



Kinsa Group regularly receives testimonials and letters of thanks from the candidates that we work with. Following is a testimonial letter from Tanner Hubert, Warehouse Manager at Dole Packaged Foods. 

I really appreciate your help and how quickly you were able to locate a position that fit my needs.  It was a true pleasure working with you and your team!

The position I was hired for was accurately represented by my Kinsa recruiter. My new employer has shown they have a vested interest in my success and have demonstrated the characteristics explained during the placement process.

I appreciated the assistance from the Kinsa team to prepare me for the interview process. My recruiter was able to assist in matching my resume with my skill-set and refining it to truly showcase my talent at a high level.

My communication with my Kinsa recruiter was amazing!  He demonstrated a truly professional but welcoming personality and was always up front when discussing the details of my new employment structure.

My first few weeks have been wonderful.  I feel challenged every day and this position allows for me to broaden my distribution knowledge and get involved in the manufacturing dynamic as well.   This position will be a great addition to my skill-set and abilities.

I plan to develop my knowledge base of Dole’s supply chain and believe that the senior leadership staff with this organization have future plans for me beyond my current role.  They also are affording me the opportunity to complete my education which will be extremely valuable given my work history and experience.


Tanner Hubert