Want Faster, More Successful Hires? Then make sure you do this ONE critical thing!

September 1, 2014 in HR Best Practices



Does your organization want more successful hires of exceptional professionals more quickly and effectively?

What a silly question. Of course you do.

With decades of executive food & beverage recruiting experience, we at Kinsa are experts at helping employers like you achieve long-term hiring success. Over the years, we’ve learned that factors like targeted recruiting, consistent interviewing, comprehensive assessments and thorough background checks are all essential to making great hires. The one critical thing we find that many employers overlook when hiring, however, is deceptively simple:

Treat EVERY candidate well for more successful hires.

Not just your top prospects, but every candidate who applies with your organization.

In today’s employment, candidates are in the driver’s seat – and social media has made them more vocal than ever. If your hiring process is lengthy, or if candidates feel slighted or wronged, they may take to sites like Glassdoor, Indeed or LinkedIn to vent – and compromise your employer brand in the process.

The following tips will help you improve long-term hiring success by leaving a good impression with every applicant, so you generate more high-quality referrals and protect your brand:

Provide timely, accurate feedback.

  • Give interviewees the information they need. Be prepared to answer questions at the conclusion of, and after, the interview. Keep your candidates informed about your hiring process, timeline and next steps, so they know what to expect and don’t feel “hung out to dry.”
  • Provide detailed feedback to your recruiter. If you’re working with Kinsa, let us know how each interview went as soon afterward as possible. Our recruiters use your information to expedite the hiring process and ensure you don’t lose a top candidate to a competitor. If the individual is not a good fit, be candid and explain why. Honest communication helps us do an even better job of exceeding your expectations as our relationship moves forward.
  • Respond to every candidate who contacts you regarding the status of his job application. “Never hearing back” is a common frustration for job seekers, which may prompt them to complain online. If you don’t have time to craft personalized messages, create a library of standard rejection and continuation letters to streamline the process.

Take good care of your second- and third-choice candidates.

Maintain communication with “runners up.” Keep them informed of the job’s status and clearly explain when and how they will receive follow-up from your organization. If you don’t wind up hiring your first choice, you will have other viable candidates primed for renewed consideration. And if you don’t wind up hiring second- and third-choice candidates, you will at least have left them with a favorable impression of your organization.

Taking proper care of every candidate takes significant time and effort; but it’s an essential component of successful hiring. As a leading national food & beverage recruiter, Kinsa is here to help you by:

  • Identifying the best candidates, using proven sourcing, interviewing and assessment techniques.
  • Actively marketing your opportunity and assisting with offer negotiations to help you land your first choice.
  • Expediting the hiring process through mutual timely communication, to prevent candidate drop-out.
  • Alleviating the administrative burdens associated with hiring to help you stay focused.
  • Following up with every candidate professionally and in a timely manner, to protect your employer brand.

Have an upcoming food & beverage hiring need? Trust Kinsa to deliver the high performers you need.