Optimize Your Operations Manager – Food Production Resume

October 27, 2014 in Career and Job Search Tips, Resume Tips



Want to know exactly what a recruiter wants to see on your food & beverage Operations or Production resume?

You don’t need a crystal ball or the ability to read minds; all you need is good information.

And you’ll find it right here.

Today, we continue our series of resume optimization posts, each dedicated to a specific professional job category within the food & beverage industry.

Earlier this year, our recruiters shared what they and their clients look for in Food & Beverage Supply Chain / Logistics resumes, as well as Food & Beverage Quality and Food Safety resumes. Today, a Kinsa recruiter explains how to optimize your Plant Operations Manager – Food Production resume – so it stands out and showcases your talent:

From Robert Navarro – Senior Recruiting Consultant:

  • Company and market description. For each employer, create a brief description of the company. Don’t assume that your reader knows who they are or what they do.
  • Product category per position/employer. For each position you’ve held, include the food or beverage product(s) you produced at that particular plant.
  • Direct supervisor. Include the title of the individual to whom you reported.
  • Employees managed. List the size of your staff and the titles of your direct reports.
  • Plant specifics. Detail the size of the plant (either in number of employees or square feet), the number of production lines in the plant and operating shift(s) you oversaw.
  • Measurable accomplishments. Not surprisingly, the best resumes include specific information on how the candidate saved money, increased efficiency and minimized downtime. Wherever possible, translate your accomplishments into hard numbers to support your achievements.
  • Other responsibilities. Include a description of any other duties you performed or managed, such as sanitation, quality and/or maintenance functions.
  • Keywords. If applicable, incorporate the following terms throughout your resume:
    • Operations
    • Plant Manager
    • Production
    • Lean Manufacturing (if you have it and any related processes)
    • GMP’s [Good Manufacturing Practices]
    • HACCP [Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points]
    • Plant SQF Certification and the corresponding level [Safe Quality Food]
    • Food Safety
    • OSHA safety record/successes
    • Other key audits or certifications for your facility like AIB [American Institute of Baking]
    • P&L [profit and loss responsibility]
    • Food Processing
    • High-Speed Processing (if applicable)