Want to Catapult Your Career? Career Benefits of Serving on a Board of Directors

August 15, 2016 in Career and Job Search Tips



Catapult your career by serving on the Board of Directors!

We know what you’re probably thinking:

“I don’t have enough experience or the right connections to sit on a board of directors.”

That’s a perfectly understandable mindset, especially if you’re in the early stages of your career. But before you completely discount the idea, consider the potential benefits to your career:

  • Build your network. When you become a member of a board of directors, you meet influential professionals from a wide range of places. Over time, participating will increase your visibility and expand your sphere of influence. Logically, rubbing shoulders with leaders may help you find an amazing mentor – or lead to amazing new career opportunities.
  • Increase your clout. When you engage in something other than your primary job, other professionals view you differently. By giving your time and expertise to a board, you increase your visibility, strengthen your reputation and build your credibility.
  • Strengthen your skills. Serving on a board will quickly – and dramatically – improve your communication and leadership skills. If you join a board committee, you’ll also have opportunities to build both your project and team management skills. Finally, the experience may also provide exposure to other disciplines which you may not encounter in your “day job,” such as financial reporting, market analyses, fundraising or strategic planning.
  • Giving back. Many professionals find board service a rewarding way to share their expertise and talents with others.
  • Boost your resume. When you add a line stating that you’re on a board of directors, you instantly increase your perceived level of authority and accomplishment. Board service can be especially valuable if you’re between positions, as it evidences continued, meaningful contributions and professional growth (which can offset an employment gap in a hiring manager’s mind).

Advantages like these make it worthwhile to move outside your comfort zone and pursue a board seat.

How can you find the right board of directors role?

Here are three tips to help you “get on board”:

  1. Find a cause you believe in. The best opportunities are ones that align with your passions. As you create a list of target organizations, take stock of the special job skills and professional strengths you can bring to each board.
  2. Work your network. Tap your sphere of influence to find out which organizations may be in need of assistance. Then, review the board member bios for these organizations, looking for skills or experience gaps you may be able to close.
  3. Get the timing right. Find out when each board comes up for election, so you can time your application accordingly.

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