Where Will Your Cover Letter Take You?

September 12, 2016 in Career and Job Search Tips, Resume Tips



A carefully crafted cover letter can put you at the top of a recruiter’s “hot” list.

A generic or sloppy one? That will send you directly to the “reject” pile.

So ask yourself this important question:

In its current state, where will your cover letter take you?

A few weeks ago, Kinsa Group shared advice for creating an amazing cover letter for your food & beverage resume. Our team had so many great ideas, however, that we couldn’t share them all in one post! Below, you’ll find four more essential tips for writing stand-out copy – whether you’re sending a traditional “cover letter” or a “cover email” (to which you attach your resume):

Use the clues in the job posting.

Think like a detective. Scour the entire posting and make a list of the key criteria (skills, education, experience, personal qualities) the employer is seeking. For each criterion, determine how your own qualifications are relevant. Then, create a bulleted list that “connects the dots” for the reader, demonstrating exactly how you meet the essential requirements of the position. Use this as the starting point for your cover letter’s body.

Get specific.

Consider your cover letter from a recruiter’s perspective. He may be reading dozens (if not hundreds!) of others, and is looking for real stand-outs. Make it clear why you’re interested in the food & beverage organization – and specifically, the available position. Explain the reasons why you’re excited about the opportunity and are the best-fit candidate. Use the bulleted list you developed to support your statements with details.

Explain what you can do from day one.

Combine everything you’ve learned – about the company, the culture and the opportunity – to create a list of things you can deliver when you walk through the doors. Consider:

  • challenges the employer is facing;
  • planned organizational expansion (new products, new markets);
  • how you’d immediately meet the priority requirements for the position;
  • unique expertise/skills you bring to the role, beyond what’s outlined in the job posting.

Close strong.

End on a positive, professional note – and set yourself apart from the competition – by writing a strong closing sentence. Instead of a vague phrase like “I look forward to hearing from you soon,” craft a compelling statement that “seals the deal” and leaves a lasting, favorable impression of your candidacy:

  • “I’m excited about the opportunity to discuss how I can contribute to your team.”
  • “I will call you next [day] to follow up on my application and find out the next step in your hiring process.”
  • “I welcome the opportunity to learn more about this opportunity and explain why I’m a great fit for your organization.”

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