Reaching Out To Recruiters

April 5, 2021 in Career and Job Search Tips



Proactively reaching out to recruiters can be a great way to advance your job search… as long as you follow certain guidelines. Here are some tips that will help you make the most of this practice.

  • Research the recruiter. Since I work for Kinsa, for example, I specialize in food & beverage positions. If you’re a .NET developer or nuclear engineer, I’m probably not going to be a great resource.
  • When you reach out, attach an updated resume. Even if you are just looking for a casual introductory conversation, I want to know who I am talking to and have some ideas in mind for the discussion.
  • If you are reaching out about a specific job, be very clear about what job. At least share the location and title. Better yet, every job Kinsa works on (as posted on has a Job Number, for example, 9810 – include that to ensure there’s no confusion.
  • Many recruiters love it when candidates send an invitation to connect on LinkedIn. I share all the jobs I’m recruiting for on LinkedIn, so this is a great way to establish a mutually beneficial, ongoing relationship.

If you’ve got 5+ years of food & beverage experience, feel free to reach out to Kinsa’s executive recruiters to introduce yourself.

This blog was written by George Blomgren, Kinsa Group Recruiting Manager.