Food & Beverage Candidate Testimonials

April 26, 2023 in Candidate Testimonials



For more than 35 years, Kinsa Group has built expertise in each sector of the Food & Beverage Industry so we can identify the unique and transferrable skills, in order to help you find the right job with the right company where you can put your expertise and connections to work.

Our recruiters are highly specialized, with an educated understanding of the job you work in every day. So, that means we’re equipped to guide you in your job search and career, working to match you with the role and company that align with your goals and experience.

Don’t just take it from us, read our recent Food & Beverage candidate testimonials below.

  • “Rob Navarro was quick to act and took time to understand how my background matched up with the opportunity.” – CEO, Kinsa Candidate
  • “Professional, efficient, and a very effective communicator who communicates and responds in a timely fashion.” – COO, Kinsa Candidate
  • “George was loaded with some helpful insights to further my job search. Thanks George!!” – Business Development Manager, Kinsa Candidate
  • “She is awesome and very professional. She did a great job as I got hired at my current company!” – Food Scientist, Kinsa Candidate
  • “Rob was great. Walked me through the process from the first interview to the job offer. He stayed in contact with me throughout even if it was a quick check in. Highly recommend Rob!” – VP Operations, Kinsa Candidate
  • “Karen, is very timely on her responses. She made sure I understood the job, and prepped me for the interview.” – Shift Manager, Kinsa Candidate
  • “Rob was very responsive to all my questions. I never had to chase him down to get answers. I would highly recommend working with Rob in finding your next position.” – QA Manager, Kinsa Candidate
  • “George was great, very knowledgeable and honest and overall an excellent resource. Went above and beyond what I expected.” – HR Generalist, Kinsa Candidate
  • “Mary has an enthusiastic, energetic, encouraging tone in her voice that makes you eager to see what’s next.” – Plant Manager, Kinsa Candidate
  • “Rob is honest and helpful. If you apply for a job he knows isn’t a good fit, he will let you know. It’s nice to have that honesty and not be set up for failure.” – Sales Manager, Kinsa Candidate

Transparency = Kinsa Candidate Testimonial Stats

  • How Kinsa Recruiters Make Me Feel – Average Rating of 4.69 out of 5
  • Net Promoter Score – Average Score of 8.98 out of 10
  • Experience – Average Rating of 4.47 out of 5
  • Genuine – Average Rating of 4.49 out of 5
  • Transparent – Average Rating of 4.44 out of 5
  • Advisor – Average Rating of 4.34 out of 5
  • Responsiveness – Average Rating of 4.5 out of 5

Kinsa Group’s recruiters and our broad network of food industry executives are always looking for top talent and we’d like to help you find the best opportunity to match your skills. Submit your resume below and our recruiters will reach out as new roles open up!

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