To Share or Not to Share: Your Location on Your Resume

December 27, 2023 in Career and Job Search Tips, Resume Tips



Should Your Resume List Where You Live?

Lately, it seems increasingly popular for job seekers to leave their location off their resumes. (On LinkedIn, the equivalent is choosing “United States.”)

Here’s why that’s a mistake, one that works against you.

As you may be aware, when you apply for a position, your resume almost always goes into an applicant tracking database. Recruiters with access search these databases to find suitable candidates for additional or future openings, so the resume you shared may get you considered for multiple job opportunities over time. When recruiters search these resume databases, two of the most common search criteria we use are 1) skills (keywords like “food safety”, “plant manager”, or “chocolate”) and 2) location (typically city, state). Even for remote positions, it’s not uncommon for employers to have preferences about where the ideal candidate lives.

When we include a location in our database search criteria, for example, “Los Angeles, CA,” our search returns any candidates whose resumes indicate that they live within a certain number of miles from that location. (Often 30 or 50 miles.) If there is no location on your resume (or in the case of LinkedIn, “United States”) your resume will always be invisible. You will never show up in the search results!

You don’t need to use a full postal address. City, state and (ideally) zip code are sufficient.

Get Found by Recruiters and Hiring Managers – Include Your Location Information

There’s a common sense corollary here. It would be inconvenient for a job seeker if jobs were posted without noting a work site location. Similar transparency from the Job Seeker for the hiring employer in return will help us help you!

Again, we do not recommend including your full home address anymore, which was common in days past. But listing your city, state and zip code (or closest metropolitan area like Chicago, IL or New York, NY) makes you more recruitable.

This blog post was written by George Blomgren, Kinsa Group Recruiting ManagerConnect with him on LinkedIn.

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