Comprehensive search and assessment. Exceptional results.

The Kinsa process is unique, thorough and efficient. We use a team approach to source, assess and deliver high performers who exceed your expectations:

1. Specification

A Kinsa Account Manager:

  • Reviews open position(s).
  • Provides a complimentary consult on compensation, search criteria, climate of the current marketplace, and expected recruiting timeline.
  • Introduces you to a Senior Recruiting Consultant who creates a promotional summary of your company and the position, to effectively market the opportunity.

2. Identification

Your Recruiting Consultant formulates a plan for identifying a pool of prospective candidates, local and nationwide.

3. Recruiting

Your Recruiter contacts and interviews candidates sourced from Kinsa’s food and beverage talent database of over 115,000 professionals, cold calls to target companies, referrals, social networks and websites.

4. Assessment

Your Recruiting Consultant evaluates the candidates’ performance in the specialty skills of the position, results achieved in past positions and overall predictors of success.

5. Evaluation

Your Recruiting Consultant arranges interviews, prepares your interviewers, promptly conveys feedback and consults with you regarding your feedback.

6. Employment Agreement

Your Recruiting Consultant works with you to design an offer that includes compensation components, relocation assistance, transition and a start date.  He or she extends the offer, mediates negotiations, secures acceptance and coaches the candidate through resignation.

There’s an ideal out there.

Trust Kinsa to help you find that candidate.