Find your ideal position.

We know that finding your ideal career opportunity in the food and beverage industry can be challenging.  Kinsa can help!  Below are details about what to expect from Kinsa’s recruiting team in this relationship, as well as what we need from you…

1.  No cost to you.

Kinsa’s fees are paid by our client employers.  Kinsa’s service of introduction to an employer for a career opportunity is free to you as a candidate.

We do ask that you respect and follow the process detailed below.

2.  Introduce yourself.

Search our current food and beverage jobs and apply, upload your resume or email it to us.

  • If you don’t have a resume yet, invite one of our team members to connect on LinkedIn and/or send us a link to your profile so we can see your skills and career history.
  • We would appreciate a resume that is accurate, chronological, and includes key product and metric details associated with each position. (Visit our blog for resume tips.)
  • Upon receipt, we will share your resume/profile with the whole recruiting team at Kinsa.  You do not need to submit multiple resumes to us.
  • Your resume/profile and interest in hearing about career opportunities is confidential.  Kinsa will not share any information about you without first having a phone conversation with you about a specific job opening at one of our client employers.

3.  Recruiter contact – when and what to expect.

Realize the more open and honest you are with us, the better service we can provide you.

  • We work as a team, so you may speak with multiple recruiters here about different openings.  This ensures that you hear about all of the job opportunities that may be well-suited for you during the life of your food industry career.
  • Interviews with your Kinsa recruiter are conducted by phone.  You do not need to visit our Wisconsin office.
  • If your skills and experience match a current opening, a recruiter will contact you via phone and/or email to initiate a discussion about your background and career goals to see if there’s a match.
    • Detailed phone conversations prior to this are unnecessary.
  • If we don’t call you immediately, it’s because we’re out seeking new jobs to present to you, or helping other candidates through the interview process with their ideal match.  Please be patient.
    • Review new job postings often, or set up an alert to be notified of new positions that fit your ideal.
    • Look for our emails in your SPAM or Promotions folder if you have strict privacy settings.
  • If we cannot assist you with your job search, we will be honest.

4.  Job match discussion with a recruiter.

Our priority is to make an ideal match between your career aspirations and our clients’ need to fill a particular opening on their team. To determine if you and a client employer’s job opening are a match:

  • A Kinsa recruiter will conduct a position-specific phone interview when we have an opening of interest.
  • The recruiter will discuss your career history, key performance metrics, educational qualifications, management philosophies, and any personal circumstances that may affect your ability to make a career change.
    • Kinsa will ask you to complete a brief Candidate Profile form so that we can focus on your priorities.
    • It is important that we know what salary and benefit package you will accept so we can negotiate the best offer possible.
  • Many of the job opportunities we represent are confidential; we ask that you do not share any identifying information with others after being contacted by Kinsa about a career opportunity.
    • We may ask you to sign a Non-disclosure Agreement.
  • If you have an interest in a job opening presented by Kinsa, and your Kinsa recruiter determines there is a match, we will be your point of contact with this employer regarding your candidacy including:
    • You authorize Kinsa to share your resume with the decision maker (do not reach out to contacts at this employer via phone, email, social media, or other means to apply directly).
    • You will disclose to your Kinsa recruiter any previous applications or communications with this employer.
    • You will provide any internal references or contacts you have at the employer so that Kinsa can mention these as another means of securing an interview for you.
  • If an opportunity we contact you about is not a fit for you, please share the name of an appropriate referral with the Kinsa recruiter, or forward a Kinsa recruiter’s email or job posting to a colleague.  You can receive a referral bonus for doing so!

5.  Client employer evaluation of your credentials.

Kinsa’s recruiter will present your candidate profile and resume and act as your representative to the potential employer.  This includes scheduling interviews.

  • It could be a day or a couple of weeks before we receive feedback from our client employer about your resume.  This timeline is different for each position based on the number of decision makers involved and their availability.  Please be patient.  We will contact you immediately upon receipt of next steps.
  • We will prepare you with interview tips and essential information regarding the company, the role, and the interviewers whenever possible.
  • After each interview, we need you to contact us quickly, so we can take our direction from you and share your feedback with the employer.
    • Please keep us updated on your other interview activity.  We understand you may not be interviewing with our client exclusively.
  • We need to know your target date to make a job change so we can respect your time frame and communicate this to our client employer.
  • You may be asked to take an online test to assess your personality traits and habits related to your performance.
  • We will conduct business reference checks to verify the interview and behavioral test results.

6.  Offer of employment.

To facilitate the offer process, we will:

  • prepare both sides with realistic compensation and benefit expectations
  • assist with offer negotiation
  • confirm your acceptance of the position to our client and establish a start date
  • assist you through the resignation process to minimize stress and ensure a positive transition

7.  Assimilation.

Kinsa follows up with you periodically while you’re assimilating into your new organization. We are available to you during any point in the transition and while employed with our client employer for advice, development coaching and confidential feedback discussions.

Find an exceptional job in the food and beverage industry with Kinsa.

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