Food Scientist (San Francisco, CA) – Plant-Based Products


A hardworking, highly-motivated, and industry-experienced individual with a technical background in development, production, safety, and
regulation. Looking to bring both my interpersonal qualifications and technical experience to a company looking to expand its business and
develop new ventures.


  • The candidate is a passive job seeker
  • Has experience with plant-based products
  • Has experience with flavor technology
  • Has experience with taking products from concept to commercialization
  • The candidate is targeting long-term employment

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science with education in the culinary arts
Location: San Francisco, CA, and is looking to stay in that area
Compensation: This candidate is targeting 110-120k on the base comp.

If you’re an employer looking to fill a Food Scientist or Food Technologist position, please consider this candidate and reach out to me directly at


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Rob Navarro

Rob has 9 years of leadership experience in the Foodservice industry in addition to 17 years of experience in the Recruiting and Staffing industry, with the last 12 of those years at Kinsa. If you’re seeking a new job, let him put his food and beverage industry network connections to work for you!

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