Food Scientist (San Francisco, CA) – Plant-Based Products


A hardworking, highly-motivated, and industry-experienced individual with a technical background in development, production, safety, and
regulation. Looking to bring both my interpersonal qualifications and technical experience to a company looking to expand its business and
develop new ventures.


  • The candidate is a passive job seeker
  • Has experience with plant-based products
  • Has experience with flavor technology
  • Has experience with taking products from concept to commercialization
  • The candidate is targeting long-term employment

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science with education in the culinary arts
Location: San Francisco, CA, and is looking to stay in that area
Compensation: This candidate is targeting 110-120k on the base comp.

If you’re an employer looking to fill a Food Scientist or Food Technologist position, please consider this candidate and reach out to me directly at


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Rob Navarro

Rob has 9 years of leadership experience in the Foodservice industry in addition to 14 years of experience in the Recruiting and Staffing industry, with the last 9 of those years at Kinsa. If you’re seeking a new job, let him put his food and beverage industry network connections to work for you!

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