Finding a Match: How Job Searching is Like Dating

May 21, 2012 in Career and Job Search Tips



Some people spend their whole lives searching for that perfect match – and I’m not talking about a significant other. I’m talking about a job. After all, you may be spending the better part of your week dealing with it. No matter what type of food or beverage position you seek, you should know the answers to these questions:

Big Brand or Small Business?

Working for a well-known company looks great on your resume and gives you some bragging rights. Each environment has its own pros and cons. Would you rather get more hands-on experience and the chance to work more closely with staff?

Full Flexibility or Strict Schedule?

If coming in “around” 9 AM sounds like your kind of language, you may want to avoid a strict 8 AM to 5 PM workday. However, some people need the discipline of a schedule or they’d never get their work done. How well do you manage your own time?

Team Player or Lone Star?

While some love the camaraderie and teamwork that comes with working in a group, others would prefer to tackle a task completely solo. Think back – when did you do your best work?

Still unsure what your ideal match is? Consider checking out the free tests in the career library at Kinsa CareerEdge. These assessments are written in plain language and don’t take long to take. Then, contact the recruiters at Kinsa Group. We’ve been matching employees with their dream job for over 25 years. Don’t forget to check out our “Hot Jobs“; key positions in the food and beverage industry that we’re actively interviewing for.