Kinsa Group Played An Integral Role In My Job Offer

May 5, 2014 in Candidate Testimonials




Kinsa Group regularly receives testimonials and letters of thanks from the candidates that we work with. Following is a testimonial letter from Adria Grayson, Research and Development Manager with a food manufacturer known for their premium pit-smoked barbeque meats:

I can’t thank you enough for helping me get this position! The people I work with are great and I do truly love my job.

The position in which I was hired was very well represented and very accurately represented by my Kinsa recruiter. The company was very much as Kinsa described, somewhat larger than I had imagined but that was definitely not a bad thing!

I had worked with other recruiters prior to the position that I now hold.  However, none of them took the time and care that my recruiter at Kinsa Group did. She told me questions to be prepared for and sent documents for interview preparation that I do believe played an integral role in my being offered my position.

I received open and honest communication throughout the interview process. My Kinsa recruiter was very open to keeping me in the loop on where I was at in the application and where the company was at with their thoughts on an offer.

I am comfortable in my role and greatly enjoy my job thus far! I am very happy with the people I work with and know I will gain valuable experience and knowledge of the food manufacturing industry. Thanks again!