5 Video Interview Preparation Tips

April 15, 2019 in Career and Job Search Tips, Interview Tips



Use Your Video Interview as a Chance to Stand Out from Fellow Candidates

If you are camera-shy, tech-phobic or simply prefer face-to-face interaction—inasmuch as anyone enjoys a job interview—you may need some when it comes to sharpening your video interviewing set-up, skills and performance.

Sprinkle in a few of these five tips to prepare for any upcoming real-time video requests you receive so it already feels like second nature to you:

  1. Set Up Your Video Interview Tech Station. While most laptops sold over the past 5-10 years feature a built-in webcam, you definitely need to make sure yours has one before you do anything else. If your computer does not have one, you can buy an inexpensive external web cam. Give yourself plenty of time for arrival or store pick-up. Check your camera right away to make sure it works properly. Additionally, test your camera and internet connection the evening before your interview to make sure you are up and running with no possible technical difficulties in sight.
  2. Get the Right Video Interview Platform. Ask your human resource contact which video platform they use. Skype is incredibly popular, so it would be easy to assume that would be the company’s choice. However, with an increasing number of video communication options, it is important to clarify so you can download the right one, set up an account and understand how to use it.
  3. Remove Distractions from the Room. Whether you love massive posters of classic cars or you collect antiques, it is best to avoid sharing those interests in the background for your video interview. Either choose a location clear of those types of items, or temporarily remove them. Additionally, if you have energetic pets or children—like those seen in the live BBC interview with Professor Robert E. Kelly —it may be best to secure the area by closing and locking the door. As charming, mood-lightening, and completely familiar as that moment was for the viewing audience, it was incredibly stressful for Professor Kelly. Save yourself any added worry by securing your video interview area.
  4. Perform a Mock Video Interview. A mock interview can help you iron out any details and determine the best location, lighting, make-up, colors to wear, camera height and angle, and anything else to help you make the best impression. Additionally, your trial interviewer, who is ideally a professional mentor, can ask you a set of interview questions relevant to the job position and company. At the end of it all, ask your mentor, friend or family member to give you honest feedback on each detail. You can also review the mock interview on your own to look for improvements.
  5. Let Your Enthusiasm Shine. Remember to work up the same energy and enthusiasm for your mock interview that you would bring to a live and in-person interview.

We Can Help You Get the Confidence You Need for Video Interviews

The Recruiting Team at Kinsa Group understands that not everyone has experienced a video interview and may need some additional assistance in getting ready. We have plenty of other ideas, tools and services to give you the confidence you need to show the hiring manager you are perfect for the job.

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