Improve Retention; Improve Your Recruiting

March 16, 2020 in HR Best Practices



Kinsa Group knows it can be a difficult, time- and resource-consuming process to search for the right candidates for specialized food and beverage industry positions. But, every day that passes with a position unfilled means more work for the remaining members of your team.

The best solution might not be in sourcing an external candidate, but rather hiring someone from within.

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Why Promoting From Within Makes Sense

  • Someone already working for your company knows the culture and environment, unlike an external job seeker who must go through a lengthy process of onboarding and new employee orientation.
  • Giving internal candidates the room to advance can boost employee retention numbers. If your staff knows there are opportunities for growth and advancement in their careers, they are less likely to look outside for a new challenge. This empowerment leads to increased loyalty.
  • From a financial standpoint, hiring from within is less costly than going through an external recruiting process. It cuts down on lost productivity, as the open position can be filled and acclimated more quickly. Internal hires may not require as large a salary bump, further saving a hit to your bottom line.

Preparing Today’s Workforce for Tomorrow’s Advancement

Not all hiring managers have a list of internal candidates ready to be promoted, which means it’ll take time to establish a system for recognizing and developing employees to be prepared when the opportunity comes along.

Some companies are, in essence, creating an in-house recruiting system, helping to train employees with new skills to prepare them for different roles in the future.

Providing mentorship opportunities and avenues for enrichment and development are investments in employees that will keep them engaged and enthusiastic while they add to their skillset and develop tools to be used later. Mentorship doesn’t have to be a sizable time commitment; even just 10% of an employee’s weekly hours devoted to a new project can be beneficial to both the employee and the company.

Staff tends to respond when they know they’re appreciated and their potential is recognized. Pair those with an established foundation of trust, and you’ll uncover even more hidden talent.

Growing Your Team?

If you’d like to recruit and promote from within, but just don’t have enough talent internally to meet your growth goals, Kinsa Group has the network to help you hire those key executives and employees.

With 35 years of experience, Kinsa Group has developed a vast network of food and beverage executives and professionals who have the skills you now need to help your company reach new levels of success. Contact us today to learn more about Kinsa Group’s search options.