What to Do When an Employee Rescinds a Job Resignation

July 17, 2023 in HR Best Practices



Sometimes, an employee who has submitted a resignation letter may change their mind and ask to stay with the company. This can be a tricky situation for both the employer and the employee, as it may involve legal, ethical and emotional issues. Here are some steps to follow when an employee rescinds a job resignation:

Step 1. Review the resignation letter and the employment contract.

Depending on the terms and conditions of the employment contract, the employer may or may not have the obligation to accept the employee’s rescission of resignation. The resignation letter may also specify a notice period or a reason for leaving, which may affect the employer’s decision.

Step 2. Consider the impact of the employee’s departure and return on the organization.

The employer should weigh the pros and cons of keeping or letting go of the employee, taking into account factors such as their performance, skills, attitude, relationships, replacement costs and future plans.

Step 3. Communicate with the employee and understand their reasons for rescinding.

The employer should have an honest and respectful conversation with the employee to find out why they changed their mind and what they expect from staying with the company. The employer should also express their concerns and expectations and clarify any misunderstandings or miscommunications.

Step 4. Make a decision and communicate it clearly to the employee.

The employer should make a fair and objective decision based on the best interests of the company and the employee. The decision should be communicated in writing and verbally to the employee as soon as possible, along with any conditions or consequences that may apply.

Step 5. If the decision is to accept the rescission, reintegrate the employee into the team.

The employer should inform the relevant managers and co-workers about the employee’s return and ensure that they are welcomed and supported. The employer should also monitor the employee’s performance and engagement and provide feedback and coaching as needed.

Step 6. If the decision is to reject the rescission, proceed with the termination process.

The employer should follow the legal and ethical procedures for terminating an employee, such as paying any outstanding wages or benefits, issuing a final paycheck and a termination letter, conducting an exit interview and collecting any company property.

Rescinding a job resignation can be a complex and sensitive issue that requires careful handling by both parties. By following these steps, employers can manage this situation professionally and effectively.

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