What Food Industry Job Candidates Want to See in Your Job Postings

October 9, 2023 in HR Best Practices



Writing a job post can be challenging, especially if you want to attract the best food industry candidates for your position. You need to make your job posts stand out from the crowd and convince potential applicants that your food or beverage manufacturing company is the right fit for them. But what are the things that candidates look for in a job post? Here are five tips to help you craft a compelling job post to attract top food industry talent.

1. Be clear and concise.

Executive and Professional job candidates don’t have time to read long or vague descriptions of your company, your open role, and your job expectations. They want to know the essential information, such as the position title, the job location, the major responsibilities or goals for the person in the position, the key qualifications they’ll need to be successful, and the benefits of working for your food company. Use bullet points, headings, and short paragraphs to make your job post easy to scan and understand. A job posting should not contain the entire job description.  That can be provided to candidates who have further advanced in the application and interview process.

2. Highlight your company culture and values.

Candidates want to work for a company that shares their own vision, mission, and values. They want to know what makes your food company unique and what kind of environment they can expect to work in. Showcase your company culture and values by including testimonials from current employees, photos or videos of your office or events, and links to your social media accounts or website so they can do their research and get more information if desired.

3. Show your personality and enthusiasm.

Candidates want to work for a company that is passionate about what they do and that cares about their employees. They want to feel a connection with you and your food or beverage brand. Show your personality and enthusiasm by using a friendly and professional tone, adding some humor or emotion, and expressing your excitement about the role and the opportunity.

4. Include a call to action.

Candidates want to know what to do next if they are interested in applying for your position. They don’t want to waste time searching for the application process or the contact details. Include a clear and direct call to action at the end of your job post, such as “Apply now”, “Send us your resume”, or “Contact us for more information”. Make sure to provide a link or an email address where they can submit their resume or reach out to you with questions.

5. Proofread and edit your job post.

Candidates want to work for a food company that pays attention to detail and that values quality. They don’t want to see typos, grammatical errors, or inconsistencies in your job posting. Proofread and edit your job post before you publish it, or ask someone else to review it for you. Make sure your job post is accurate, clear, and professional.

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