Senior Operations/R&D Leader (Ohio) – Meat & Frozen Foods


Has led multiple sites with up to 400 team members and 8 direct reports responsible for the following disciplines: Operations, Human Resources, Quality Assurance, Finance, Maintenance/Engineering, R&D, Procurement, Warehouse and Transportation

Experienced in the following business sectors: Food Service, National Restaurant Chains, Retail, Industrial, School Lunch and Military.

Has processing and product development working knowledge of the following product types: wide range of Meat and Poultry items, Dough based Handheld Snacks, Frozen Dinners, Vegetarian Analogs and Sauces.

Experienced in improving processes that have resulted in:

  • $1MM in annual savings through least cost formulating and yield improvements.
  • Reduced overhead cost by $.30 lb through plant efficiency improvement that included 80% increase in output.
  • Worked within a cross-functional team that commercialized over 200 SKUs in less than 3 years through the creation of a Stage Gate System tailored to the company’s business model.
  • Reduced product retains by 70% by refining quality programs.
  • Reduced team member turnover by 50% through improvement of working conditions and refinement of HR programs

Possess skill set in: Co-packer Development, Process Improvement, Least Cost Formulation, Plant Efficiency Improvement, Product Yield Improvement, Food Safety/Quality Systems, P&L Management, SPC, 5-S, Process Mapping, 5-WHY, Root Cause Analysis, and Commercialization

Company size: Experienced working within small to large company environments

Location: Flexible based on finding the right opportunity but prefers Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.  Willing to work remote or Hybrid roles.

Compensation: Will explore options $150K or greater, Current compensation is approximately $200K.  Additional compensation: Bonus, Equity/Stock Options, Benefits

Education: Bachelor of Science (Animal Science with meat science focus and Agricultural Education)



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Mary Chambers

Mary has a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin – Parkside and 18 years of experience in the recruiting industry, including 13+ years as a Recruiter at Kinsa Group. Currently a Kinsa Account Manager and Executive Recruiter she serves our Meat and Poultry customers, Nutraceutical, Dietary Supplement, Pet Food, and Food Packaging companies. She’s a great first point of contact at Kinsa if you have a talent recruiting need within your organization.

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