Optimize Your Food & Beverage Procurement Resume

November 16, 2015 in Career and Job Search Tips, Resume Tips



What do today’s food & beverage recruiters want to see on your resume as a Purchasing professional?

Kinsa has the information you need. Today, we continue our series of resume optimization posts, each dedicated to a specific professional job category within the food & beverage industry.

Earlier this year, our recruiters shared what they and their clients look for in Food Science resumes, Plant Operations Manager / Food Production resumes, Food & Beverage Supply Chain / Logistics resumes, Food & Beverage Sales resumes and Food & Beverage Quality and Food Safety resumes.

Below, three Kinsa recruiters explain how to optimize your Food & Beverage Sourcing / Procurement resume – so it stands out and showcases your talent:

From Robert Navarro – Senior Recruiting Consultant:

Make sure your resume includes:

  • Product category per position/employer. For each position you’ve held, include the food or beverage product category (e.g., perishable versus non-perishable, meat or dairy, dry goods or frozen foods).
  • The purchasing end result. Explain what need the purchases fulfilled. For example, a recruiter needs to know if you bought new equipment for specific projects, or if what you purchased was for the regular course of business.
  • Measurable accomplishments. Not surprisingly, the best resumes include specific information on how you increased savings per unit. Whenever possible, quantify your achievements.
  • Hedging experience and successes.

From Lisa Powers (Thomas) – Senior Recruiting Consultant:

When crafting your food & beverage sourcing or procurement resume, be sure to include information on:

  • Vendor negotiation
  • Sourcing
  • International experience
  • Commodity experience
  • Materials forecasting
  • Inventory control
  • Capacity planning
  • Budget management/financial costing

From Laurie Hyllberg – Vice President:

To get the attention of hiring managers, procurement professionals should be sure to list this important information:

  • Annual spend/budget
  • Types of items procured – include both raw materials/goods and services
  • ERP [enterprise resource planning] computer systems used, as well as if you’ve ever been involved in an ERP system implementation
  • If applicable, incorporate the following keywords and terms throughout your resume:
    • Buyer
    • Purchasing
    • Procurement
    • Commodities
    • Raw Materials
    • Contract negotiation

Will your resume make the cut?

Find out with Kinsa’s Jobscan. Just paste your resume and target job description, and get an instant analysis of how well your resume is tailored for procurement / sourcing jobs, as well as tips for optimizing it for an applicant tracking system.

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