How Food & Beverage Professionals Obtained Employment in 2022

January 23, 2023 in Career and Job Search Tips, HR Best Practices



2022 was an eventful year for hiring managers and job seekers. From the Great Resignation, to quiet quitting and quiet hiring, it left a mark on how and why people obtained new employment in 2022. At Kinsa Group, we conducted a survey of Food & Beverage professionals over the course of 2022 to learn more about how and why they obtained new employment in 2022.

From the survey, we learned what job seekers’ motivation was to find a new job, how they became connected to their new employer, and how their interviews were conducted. If you plan on hiring in 2023 or are seeking new employment, we suggest taking a look at our survey responses below to prepare for your search–whether it’s a new hire or a new role!

Top 3 Ways Professionals Got Connected With a New Employer

  1. Job Posting Online: 38% of our surveyed professionals applied to a job posting online and obtained employment.
  2. Recruiting Firm: 23% found their new job through a recruitment firm.
  3. Referred by a Colleague: 12% were referred by a colleague and got the job. 

How Interviews Were Conducted

Job Seeker Motivation to Find a New Job

  • Career Growth: If you want a way to proactively keep your employees working for you, give them opportunities to continually grow as a professional. You can accomplish this with opportunities for both job advancement and/or education and career development.
  • Unemployed: There are many explanations for finding yourself or a potential new hire unemployed that are not job performance related including company layoffs due to budget, maternity leave, relocation, military, illness, or caring for a family member.  Kinsa provides some interesting insights to consider in this earlier blog.
  • Desire a Better Company Culture: Surveys asking job seekers what they value in potential employers often rank “culture” as their #1 priority. But culture is an abstract concept. As an employer, be sure to share your values with potential new hires and be proactive to ensure the actions of your leaders line up with your value statements.  As a job seeker, how can you better define what you are looking for in a company culture? Here are half a dozen ideas.
  • Unhappy in Their Last Job: While high-performers are typically fueled by their own need to achieve, they also value recognition for a job well done or a thank you showing your appreciation for their dedication. Here are 10 Easy Ways to Reward Your Employees.
  • Financial Growth: Kinsa Group’s Salary Guide release for 2022 highlights both salary range and median base salary compensation for several job titles in the food and beverage industry. Most importantly, the data may be used by both employers and job seekers to gauge current market salaries.
  • More Work-Life Balance:  Roles with work-life balance are important to today’s job seekers. Give your employees clear goals, technology resources, and support but then step out of the way as much as possible so that they can accomplish the tasks you’ve hired them to achieve.

Did you know this about Relocation?

When asked if they would be willing to relocate, 44% said they would relocate for the right job in 2022!

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