Food & Beverage Production Operations Salaries 2023

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We know what it takes to thrive in the food industry. Beginning a food and beverage operations executive search is no small task. As an employer, you need the right people in leadership positions for your business to operate efficiently, meet production goals, coach employees, update processes, and improve the bottom line. Kinsa Group has worked with food manufacturing and food distribution companies across the US to find the right professionals who will fit the needs of each company’s unique operations model. We understand how vital these operations roles are.

Below, we are sharing our 2023 Food & Beverage Production Operations Salaries so that you know how to plan when hiring for your open roles.

Attracting and Retaining Your Executive Operations Talent 

  • Chief Operating Officer / SVP Operations median salary for 2023 is $270,000, up $10,000 from 2022. The range is quite wide from $150,000 to $350,000 and depends a lot on the size of the food or beverage operation both in revenue and in the scope of facilities as well as the size of staff.
  • Vice President of Operations range is from $140,000 to $300,000 with a median of $200,000 base salary, the same as 2022.
  • Director of Operations is also up $10,000 from 2022 to $160,000 median base salary in 2023.  The range is $100,000 to $260,000. Consider adjusting your job title to fit the appropriate level of executive talent you are seeking if you don’t fit within 10% of the median or above or within the range of pay.

Retain and Attract Your Plant Managers

  • General Manager is a title that can encompass a wide range of responsibilities. The median base salary for those reporting with a General Manager title is $150,000 in 2023. The range is from $80,000 to $240,000.  This median is up $10,000 over 2022.
  • Plant Manager is a critical role for food and beverage manufacturers, so be sure you are paying your Plant Manager at or above the median of $150,000 reported in 2023 in order to attract and retain these talented leaders.  This median is also up $10,000 from 2022.  Note, Plant Managers reported base salary as high as $250,000.
  • Director / Manager Contract Manufacturing in the food and beverage industry has a median similar to GM and Plant Manager at $150,000.  These specialists often oversee the manufacturing of their product at a 3rd party site.

Production / Operations Managers – Attract and Retain With These Salaries

  • Planning / Scheduling Manager reported base salary median of $110,000 for 2023, and a high of $165,000.
  • Continuous Improvement Manager should budget for a median base salary of $135,000, though could go as high as $180,000.
  • Production / Operations Manager has increased to $110,000 in 2023 for the median and for large operations reports as high as $180,000
  • Brewing / Distillery Manager median falls a little below your food and beverage production manager, maybe because they consider doing this work for the fun of it? The median base salary is $90,000 for 2023, with the high end at $150,000, and the low end at $60,000, if you’re willing to take on a newbie.
  • Production Supervisor is a role that is constantly looking for that next move up. The median pay is $80,000 but be sure to consider added compensation for off-shift and weekend hours worked in order to compete for the best up-and-coming talent here. The high end for Supervisors is $125,000.

2023 Food & Beverage Salary Guide

Looking for more food and beverage salary insights? Download the full salary guide now for free and get access to salary ranges and median base salary compensation for over 150 job titles in the food and beverage industry.


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